ort rune

An Ort rune is a low tier rune that can be socketed into armor and weapons in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 2 Resurrected. An Ort rune provides Lightning Resist +35% when inserted in shields or off-hands, Lightning Resist +30% in body armor and headgear, and Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage in weapons.

Ort runes are mostly wanted for their use in the Spirit runeword and for repairing and recharging weapons.

You can cube 3 Ral runes together to get an Ort rune. You can also obtain an Ort rune from nightmare countess. You can get an Ort rune from the normal hellforge quest.

An Ort rune requires level 21 to use. When you socket an item with an Ort rune, you increase the level requirement to level 21, unless it was already higher.

Clvl 21
weaponAdds 1-50 Lightning Damagearmor/helmLightning Resist +30%shieldLightning Resist +35%
rune sources


Nightmare and above



Treasure class:

Act 4 Good


3 Ral Rune

Horadric cube recipes with ort runes

upgrade rune

Ort Rune
Ort Rune
Ort Rune
horadric cube interface

upgrade rare weapon

normal rare weapon
Ort Rune
Amn Rune
perfect sapphire
horadric cube interface

repair weapon

non-ethereal weapon
Ort Rune
horadric cube interface

repair and recharge armor

non-ethereal weapon
Ort Rune
any chipped gem
horadric cube interface

Crafting recipes with ort runes

Blood Axe

ort Rune
Magic Jewel
Perfect Ruby
horadric cube interface

Caster Armor

Archon Plate
ort Rune
Magic Jewel
Perfect Amethyst
horadric cube interface

Caster Gloves

Bramble Mitts
ort Rune
Magic Jewel
Perfect Amethyst
horadric cube interface

Hitpower Gloves

ort Rune
Magic Jewel
Perfect Sapphire
horadric cube interface

Safety Boots

Myrmidon Boots
ort Rune
Magic Jewel
Perfect Emerald
horadric cube interface

Drop Chance

An Ort rune will drop from TC Runes 5, which is accessed through Runes 6 or Act 4 Good. Learn more about Treasure Classes here.

Act 4 Good

Jewelry C
Chipped Gem
Flawed Gem
Normal Gem
Runes 5
Runes 6

Runes 5

Ort Rune
Thul Rune
Runes 4

There are 11 runewords that contain an ort rune

list of all runewords in Diablo 2 made with an ort rune
Allowed BasesRuneword Recipe
Ancients' Pledge3 socketsany shield
ral runeral + ort runeort + tal runetal
+50% Enhanced DefenseCold Resist +43%Lightning Resist +48% (ort)Fire Resist +48% (ral)Poison Resist +48% (tal)10% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
Holy Thunder4 socketsscepter
eth runeeth + ral runeral + ort runeort + tal runetal
+60% Enhanced Damage+10 to Maximum Damage-25% Target Defense (eth)Adds 5-30 Fire Damage (ral)Adds 21-110 Lightning Damage (ort)+75 Poison Damage over 5 seconds (tal)+3 to Holy Shock (Paladin Only)+5% to Maximum Lightning ResistLightning Resist +60%Level 7 Chain Lightning (60 charges)
Zephyr2 socketsmissile weapon
ort runeort + eth runeeth
7% Chance to Cast Level 1 Twister When Struck+25% Faster Run/Walk+25% Increased Attack Speed+33% Enhanced Damage-25% Target Defense (eth)+66 to Attack RatingAdds 1-50 lightning damage (ort)+25 Defense
Pattern3 socketshand to hand
tal runetal + ort runeort + thul runethul
+30% Faster Bock Rate+40-80% Enhanced damage (varies)10% Bonus to Attack RatingAdds 17-62 Fire DamageAdds 1-50 Lightning Damage (ort)Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (thul)+75 Poison Damage over 5 seconds (tal)+6 to Strength+6 to DexterityAll Resistances +15
Spirit4 socketsswordany shield
tal runetal + thul runethul + ort runeort + amn runeamn
+2 To All Skills+25-35% Faster Cast Rate (varies)+55% Faster Hit Recovery+250 Defense Vs. Missile+22 To Vitality+89-112 To Mana (varies)+3-8 Magic Absorb (varies)ShieldsCold Resist +35% (thul)Lightning Resist +35% (ort)Poison Resist +35% (tal)Attacker Takes Damage of 14 (amn)SwordsAdds 1-50 Lightning Damage (ort)Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (thul)+75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds (tal)7% Life Stolen Per Hit (amn)
Lore2 socketshelm
ort runeort + sol runesol
+1 to All Skills+10 to EnergyLightning Resist +30% (ort)Damage Reduced by 7 (sol)+2 to Mana after each Kill+2 to Light Radius
3 socketshelm
shael runeshael + io runeio + ort runeort
+20% Faster Hit Recovery (shael)+75% to +100% Enhanced Defense+10 to Vitality (io)Increase Maximum Life 5%Lightning Resist +40% to +60%Lightning Absorb +10% to +15%
Passion4 socketsweapon
dol runedol + ort runeort + eld runeeld + lem runelem
+25% Increased Attack Speed+160-210% Enhanced Damage (varies)50-80% Bonus To Attack Rating (varies)+75% Damage To Undead (eld)+50 To Attack Rating Against Undead (eld)Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage (ort)+1 To Berserk+1 To ZealHit Blinds Target +10Hit Causes Monster To Flee 25% (dol)75% Extra Gold From Monsters (lem)Level 3 Heart of Wolverine (12 Charges)
Rain3 socketsarmor
ort runeort + mal runemal + ith runeith
5% Chance To Cast Level 15 Cyclone Armor When Struck5% Chance To Cast Level 15 Twister On Striking+2 To Druid Skills+100-150 To Mana (varies)Lightning Resist +30% (ort)Magic Damage Reduced By 7 (mal)15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana (ith)
Death5 socketsswordaxe
hel runehel + el runeel + vex runevex + ort runeort + gul runegul
Indestructible100% Chance To Cast Level 44 Chain Lightning When You Die25% Chance To Cast Level 18 Glacial Spike On Attack+300-385% Enhanced Damage (varies)20% Bonus To Attack Rating (gul)+50 To Attack Rating (el)Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage (ort)7% Mana Stolen Per Hit (vex)50% Chance of Crushing Blow(0.5*Clvl)% Deadly Strike (Based on Character Level)+1 To Light Radius (el)Level 22 Blood Golem (15 Charges)Requirements -20% (hel)
Famine4 socketsaxehammer
fal runefal + ohm runeohm + ort runeort + jah runejah
+30% Increased Attack Speed+320-370% Enhanced Damage (varies) (ohm)Ignore Target's Defense (jah)Adds 180-200 Magic DamageAdds 50-200 Fire DamageAdds 51-250 Lightning Damage (ort)Adds 50-200 Cold Damage12% Life Stolen Per HitPrevent Monster Heal+10 To Strength (fal)