Safety Boots

  • Safety Boots
  • Myrmidon Greaves
  • quality level: 85
  • defense: 62 to 71
  • damage: 83 to 149
  • durablity: 24 of 24
  • required strength: 208
  • required level: 65
  • Damage Reduced by 1 to 4
  • Magic Damage Reduced by 1 to 2
  • Fire Resist +5 to 10%
  • +10 to 30% Enhanced Defense

Safety Boots also roll with 1 to 4 additional random attributes, the amount is based on the Ilvl of the crafted item. See the crafting detail page for more information on which attributes can roll.

How to craft Safety Boots

Ort Rune
Perfect Emerald
horadric cube interface


With a character level of 99 and item level of 85, Myrmidon Greaves will have a crafting level of Ilvl = 91.

amount of additional attributes on a crafted item
Ilvl 1-3040%20%20%20%
Ilvl 31-5060%20%20%
Ilvl 51-7080%20%
Ilvl 70+100%

The resulting affix level will be aLvl = 83. Based on this affix level, the following suffixes and prefixes can roll. Only 1 affix per affix group can be selected. The following prefix/suffix combinations are possible: (1/3), (2/2), (3,1).

Possible extra prefixes on Safety Boots

A maximum of 3 additional prefixes can roll with this crafting recipe.

all prefixes
namepropertyaffix levellevel reqgroupchance
Sturdy+10 to 20% Enhanced Defense111015.73%
Sturdy+21 to 30% Enhanced Defense431015.73%
Strong+31 to 40% Enhanced Defense961015.09%
Glorious+41 to 50% Enhanced Defense19141015.09%
Blessed+51 to 65% Enhanced Defense25181014.45%
Paleocene+0.5 Defense (Based on Character Level)30221011.91%
Saintly+66 to 80% Enhanced Defense31231014.45%
Holy+81 to 100% Enhanced Defense36271013.82%
Godly+101 to 200% Enhanced Defense50431010.63%
TirelessHeal Stamina Plus 10%111082.54%
TirelessHeal Stamina Plus 25%641082.54%
TirelessHeal Stamina Plus 50%14101082.54%
Rugged+5 to 10 Maximum Stamina111092.54%
Rugged+11 to 20 Maximum Stamina861092.54%
Vigorous+21 to 30 Maximum Stamina16121092.54%
Glimmering+1 to Light Radius111120.63%
Glowing+2 to Light Radius641120.63%
Serpent's+11 to 20 to Mana37271151.27%
Dragon's+31 to 40 to Mana52391151.27%
AzureCold Resist +5%111171.91%
AzureCold Resist +5 to 10%531171.27%
LapisCold Resist +11 to 20%1291172.54%
CobaltCold Resist +21 to 30%18131171.91%
SapphireCold Resist +31 to 40%25181171.91%
CrimsonFire Resist +5%111181.91%
CrimsonFire Resist +5 to 10%531182.54%
RussetFire Resist +11 to 20%1291182.54%
GarnetFire Resist +21 to 30%18131181.91%
RubyFire Resist +31 to 40%25181181.91%
TangerineLightning Resist +5%111191.91%
TangerineLightning Resist +5 to 10%531192.54%
OcherLightning Resist +11 to 20%1291192.54%
CoralLightning Resist +21 to 30%18131191.91%
AmberLightning Resist +31 to 40%25181191.91%
BerylPoison Resist +5%111201.91%
BerylPoison Resist +5 to 10%531202.54%
ViridianPoison Resist +11 to 20%1291202.54%
JadePoison Resist +21 to 30%18131201.91%
EmeraldPoison Resist +31 to 40%25181201.91%

Possible extra suffixes on Safety Boots

A maximum of 3 additional suffixes can roll with this crafting recipe.

all suffixes
namepropertyaffix levellevel reqgroupchance
of WarmthHalf Freeze Duration107115.33%
of Shock+1 to Minimum Lightning Damage, +11 to 23 to Maximum Lightning Damage5037132.66%
of Dexterity+1 to Dexterity11175.33%
of Dexterity+2 to 3 to Dexterity139174%
of Skill+4 to 5 to Dexterity3426174%
of Accuracy+6 to 9 to Dexterity4638174%
of Balance+10% Faster Hit Recovery53185.33%
of RegenerationReplenish Life +3 to 57052195.33%
of Wealth41 to 80% Extra Gold from Monsters1712215.33%
of Chance5 to 15% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items129225.33%
of Fortune16 to 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items1612225.33%
of Light+1 to Light Radius, +15 to Attack Rating64251.33%
of RemedyPoison Length Reduced by 25%75294%
of Pacing+10% Faster Run/Walk128354%
of Haste+20% Faster Run/Walk2216355.33%
of Speed+30% Faster Run/Walk3729355.33%
of Self-RepairRepairs 1 durability in 3 seconds31374%
of Fast RepairRepairs 1 durability in 5 seconds2012372.66%
of Charged Shield10% Chance to cast level 3 Charged Bolt when struck64441.33%
of Frost Shield5% Chance to cast level 3 Frost Nova when struck129441.33%
of Charged Shield12% Chance to cast level 4 Charged Bolt when struck1612441.33%
of Nova Shield10% Chance to cast level 3 Nova when struck1813441.33%
of Charged Shield14% Chance to cast level 5 Charged Bolt when struck2619441.33%
of Nova Shield12% Chance to cast level 4 Nova when struck2821441.33%
of Nova Shield14% Chance to cast level 5 Nova when struck3828441.33%