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Do you have spare items of value to others? Contact me to make sure those items can be used in future raffles. Your name or Battlenet tag will be mentioned on the raffle. All donated items will exclusively be used to organise raffles!

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Active Raffles!

Crafter's Boon (L SC)

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Enter 5x raffle tickets to have a chance of winning this prize. Rune collection of Pul, Lem, Fal, and Ko

Donated by Nikos Politis!

You have 0 entries. You can increase your odds by entering multiple times!

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raffle closesFri Mar 31 2023 18:00

How to get raffle tickets?

Raffle tickets can be used to enter periodic giveaway raffles. Raffles require 1 or more raffle ticket per entry. The more entries in the raffle you have, the higher the chance of winning.

Currently, the only way to obtain raffle tickets is to claim login streaks. In the future there might be other tasks that grant raffle tickets (like reporting dclone statuses f.e.)