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Select the character save file (.d2s), commonly found under C:\Users\(your user name)\Saved Games\Diablo II Resurrected. The character save files consist of a .d2s, .map, .key, and .ctl file, which all share the same name. You can either edit and overwrite the .d2s file or replace it with another one.

This tool allows you to load, edit, and generate .d2s files.

New Character

Class - level 1

What's new

November 13, 2022
award quest rewards
Quest reward stats and skillpoints are now added and subtracted when toggling quests
edit base item
You can now upgrade, downgrade, or pick a completely different base for any weapon or armor.
November 9, 2022
updated reanimate attribute
You can now properly use the item_reanimate attribute to summon any monster you like
November 1, 2022
mercenary equipment
Added the option to modify the Mercenary equipment
improve matched str and dex req
Whether a Strength or Dexterity requirement is met now also takes item bonuses into account
item bonuses
Item bonuses now take into account attributes based on character level
added base charms
Added base Small, Large, and Grand Charm

Known issues

  • Some items that are less often used, do not have a visual yet.
  • Save files from mods are not guaranteed to work! Things like stackable runes or gems will definitly not work.

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