Uniques are a type of item that is rare and powerful. Unique items have special properties and abilities that set them apart from other items in the game. They are usually named after a specific character or theme, and they often have unique appearance and design.

Unique items are considered highly desirable by players because of their powerful abilities and bonuses, and they are often sought after in the game.

Unique Axe

Unique Sword

Unique Mace

Unique Club

Unique Scepter

Unique Hammer

Unique Knife

Unique Polearm

Unique Spear

Unique Bow

Unique Crossbow

Unique Thrown Weapon

Unique Staff

Unique Wand

Unique Orb

Unique Helm

Unique Circlet

Unique Armor

Unique Shield

Unique Gloves

Unique Belt

Unique Boots

Unique Class Specific

Unique Amulet

Unique Ring

Unique Jewel

Unique Charm