Diablo 2 Runes

Rune List

This is a list of all the runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Runes are small stones inscribed with magical glyphs that can be inserted into Socketed Items. Runes in Diablo II were releases with the Lord of Destruction expansion pack alongside rune words.
Runes are different from gems or jewels, not only do they provide an individual bonus when inserted, when inserting the correct amount in the right order, runewords with augmented abilities can be created. There are a total of 33 runes.
  • Runes can be upgraded by combining 2 or 3 of the same rune in the Horadric Cube.
  • Runes can have different bonuses when placed in a different item type, Armor or Weapons, some runes also have different bonuses when placed in Shields.
  • When a rune is socketed in an item, the level requirement will be at least the level requirement of the rune.
  • Runes are a common component of many crafting recipes.
  • Runes are divided in High runes, Mid runes, and Low runes
List of all runes
Cube Recipe
n/a11weapon+50 to Attack Rating, +1 to Light Radiusarmor/helm/shield+1 to Light Radius, +15 Defenseupgrade low quality armor
el + el + el
11weapon+75% Damage to Undead, +50 to Attack Rating against Undeadarmor/helmLowers Stamina drain by 15%shield+7% Blockingupgrade low quality weapon
eld + eld + eld
13+2 to Mana After Each KillCaster WeaponHitpower Weapon
tir + tir + tir
13weaponKnockbackarmor/helm/shield+30 Defense vs. MissileBlood GlovesCaster MaskHitpower ArmorSafety Shield
nef + nef + nef
15weapon-25% Target Defensearmor/helm/shieldRegenerate Mana 15%Blood BootsCaster ShieldHitpower ShieldSafety Armor
eth + eth + eth
15weapon+9 to Maximum Damagearmor/helm/shield15% Damage Taken Goes to ManaBlood ShieldCaster BeltHitpower HelmSafety Helm
ith + ith + ith
17weapon+75 Poison damage over 5 secondsarmor/helmPoison Resist +30%shieldPoison Resist +35%socket body armorsocket shieldupgrade normal unique armorBlood BeltHitpower BeltSafety Belt
tal + tal + tal
19weaponAdds 5-30 Fire Damagearmor/helmFire Resist +30%shieldFire Resist +35%socket weaponsocket helmupgrade normal unique weaponupgrade normal rare armorrepair and recharge armorBlood HelmCaster AmuletHitpower BootsSafety Gloves
ral + ral + ral
21weaponAdds 1-50 Lightning Damagearmor/helmLightning Resist +30%shieldLightning Resist +35%upgrade normal rare weaponrepair and recharge weaponBlood AxeCaster ArmorCaster GlovesHitpower GlovesSafety Boots
ort + ort + ort
23weaponAdds 3-14 Cold Damagearmor/helmCold Resist +30%shieldCold Resist +35%socket body armorsocket helmupgrade normal rare armorBlood ArmorCaster BootsHitpower AmuletSafety Amulet
thul + thul + thul + 
chipped topaz
25weapon7% Life Stolen Per Hitarmor/helm/shieldAttacker takes damage of 14socket weaponsocket shieldupgrade normal rare weaponBlood AmuletCaster RingHitpower RingSafety Ring
amn + amn + amn + 
chipped amethyst
27weapon+9 to Minimum Damagearmor/helm/shieldDamage Reduced by 7upgrade normal unique weaponBlood RingSafety Weapon
sol + sol + sol + 
chipped sapphire
29weapon+20% Increased Attack Speedarmor/helm+20% Faster Hit Recoveryshield20% Increased Chance of Blockingupgrade normal unique armor
shael + shael + shael + 
chipped ruby
31weaponHit Causes Monster to Flee 25%armor/helm/shieldReplenish Life +7
dol + dol + dol + 
chipped emerald
33weaponRequirements -20%armor/helm/shieldRequirements -15%remove socketed items
hel + hel + hel + 
chipped diamond
35+10 to Vitality
io + io + io + 
flawed topaz
37+10 to Energyupgrade exceptional unique weapon
lum + lum + lum + 
flawed amethyst
39+10 to Dexterityupgrade exceptional unique weapon
ko + ko + ko + 
flawed sapphire
41+10 to Strengthupgrade exceptional rare weapon
fal + fal + fal + 
flawed ruby
43weapon75% Extra Gold from Monstersarmor/helm/shield50% Extra Gold from Monstersupgrade exceptional unique armor
lem + lem + lem + 
flawed emerald
45weapon+75% Damage to Demons, +100 to Attack Rating against Demonsarmor/helm/shield+30% Enhanced Defenseupgrade exceptional unique weaponupgrade exceptional rare armor
pul + pul + 
flawed diamond
47weapon25% Chance of Open Woundsarmor/helmAll Resistances +15shieldAll Resistances +20upgrade exceptional rare weapon
um + um + 
49weaponPrevent Monster Healarmor/helm/shieldMagic Damage Reduced by 7
mal + mal + 
51weapon30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Itemsarmor/helm/shield25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
ist + ist + 
53weapon20% Bonus to Attack Ratingarmor/helm/shield+5% to Maximum Poison Resist
gul + gul + 
55weapon7% Mana Stolen per Hitarmor/helm/shield+5% to Maximum Fire Resist
vex + vex + 
57weapon+50% Enhanced Damagearmor/helm/shield+5% to Maximum Cold Resist
ohm + ohm + 
59weapon20% Deadly Strikearmor/helm/shield+5% to Maximum Lightning Resist
lo + lo + 
flawless topaz
61weaponHit Blinds Targetarmor/helmIncrease Maximum Mana 5%shield+50 to Mana
sur + sur + 
flawless amethyst
63weapon20% Chance of Crushing Blowarmor/helm/shieldDamage Reduced by 8%
ber + ber + 
flawless sapphire
65weaponIgnore Target's Defensearmor/helmIncrease Maximum Life 5%shield+50 to Life
jah + jah + 
flawless ruby
67weaponFreezes target +3armor/helm/shieldCannot be Frozen
cham + cham + 
flawless emerald

Rune Prices

Runes are often used as a currency to pay for items or other runes. It is often easier to convert the value of an item to runes, than to trade for other items. The value of runes varies drastically and depends on both the rarity of the rune and its usage.

The price of high runes doesn't always correspond to its cubing value, for example, 2 Jah runes can be cubed together to get a Cham rune, while a Cham rune is worth much less than a single Jah rune. This is easily explained by the fact that Jah runes are used in very popular and strong runewords like Enigma, while a Cham rune is rarely used.

A rough indication of rune prices can be found in the table below, note that these are ranges, and the price can very strongly based on the buyer's or seller&aapos;s needs. The value is converted to Ist runes as a base currency.

rune prices
runeintermediate calculationist value
pul2 x lem1/6
um2 x pul1/3
malum + pul1/2
vex2 x gul3.5
ohm2 x vex7
lo2 x ohm14
surlo + 3 x ist17
ber2 x sur34
jahber - vex30.5
zod2 x cham8

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