What are high runes

High runes are expensive and hard to find runes. You should put great care into using these runes to make sure you not waste it. These runes also have very powerful attributes, but are usually best used to create top tier runewords like Enigma. High runes are commonly used as a currency for high value items.

High runes are generally considered to start from Vex runes, because it's the first rune that cannot be found from the Hell difficulty Hellforge quest and thus relies on a lot of luck to be found from a monster or treasure drop.

Where do you think high runes start?

There are 8 high runes

List of all high runes
Cube Recipe
gul runegul + gul runegul + ruby
55weapon7% Mana Stolen per Hitarmor/helm/shield+5% to Maximum Fire Resist
vex runevex + vex runevex + emerald
57weapon+50% Enhanced Damagearmor/helm/shield+5% to Maximum Cold Resist
ohm runeohm + ohm runeohm + diamond
59weapon20% Deadly Strikearmor/helm/shield+5% to Maximum Lightning Resist
lo runelo + lo runelo + flawless topaz
61weaponHit Blinds Targetarmor/helmIncrease Maximum Mana 5%shield+50 to Mana
sur runesur + sur runesur + flawless amethyst
63weapon20% Chance of Crushing Blowarmor/helm/shieldDamage Reduced by 8%
ber runeber + ber runeber + flawless sapphire
65weaponIgnore Target's Defensearmor/helmIncrease Maximum Life 5%shield+50 to Life
jah runejah + jah runejah + flawless ruby
67weaponFreezes target +3armor/helm/shieldCannot be Frozen
cham runecham + cham runecham + flawless emerald

High Rune Prices

Runes are often used as a currency to pay for items or other runes. It is often easier to convert the value of an item to runes, than to trade for other items. The value of runes varies drastically and depends on both the rarity of the rune and its usage.

The price of high runes doesn't always correspond to its cubing value, for example, 2 Jah runes can be cubed together to get a Cham rune, while a Cham rune is worth much less than a single Jah rune. This is easily explained by the fact that Jah runes are used in very popular and strong runewords like Enigma, while a Cham rune is rarely used.

A rough indication of rune prices can be found in the table below, note that these are ranges, and the price can very strongly based on the buyer's or seller's needs. The value is converted to Ist runes as a base currency.

rune prices
runeintermediate calculationist value
vex2 x gul3.5
ohm2 x vex7
lo2 x ohm14
surlo + 3 x ist17
ber2 x sur34
jahber - vex30.5
zod2 x cham8



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