ber rune

A Ber rune is a high tier rune that can be socketed into armor and weapons in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 2 Resurrected. A Ber rune provides Damage Reduced by 8% when inserted in shields or off-hands, body armor and headgear, and 20% Chance of Crushing Blow in weapons.

The Ber rune is one of the most expensive runes in the game because of the many powerful runewords it is used in like Enigma, Beast, Chains of Honor, Infinity, and Last Wish.

You can cube 2 Sur runes and a flawless amethyst together to get a Ber rune.

A Ber rune requires level 63 to use. When you socket an item with a Ber rune, you increase the level requirement to level 63, unless it was already higher.

Clvl 63
weapon20% Chance of Crushing Blowarmor/helmDamage Reduced by 8%shieldDamage Reduced by 8%
rune sources





Treasure class:

act 3 (hell) good and above


2 sur + flawless amethyst

Horadric cube recipes with ber runes

ber runeber rune
flawless sapphireflawless sapphire
jah runejah rune

    There are 8 runewords that contain a ber rune

    list of all runewords in Diablo 2 made with a ber rune
    Allowed BasesRuneword Recipe
    Infinity4 socketspolearmspear
    ber + mal + ber + ist
    50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Chain Lightning When You Kill An EnemyLevel 12 Conviction Aura When Equipped+35% Faster Run/Walk+255-325% Enhanced Damage (varies)-45-55% To Enemy Lightning Resistance (varies)40% Chance of Crushing Blow (ber)Prevent Monster Heal (mal)+(0.5*Clvl) To Vitality (Based on Character Level)30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (ist)Level 21 Cyclone Armor (30 Charges)
    Beast5 socketsaxehammerscepter
    ber + tir + um + mal + lum
    Level 9 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped+40% Increased Attack Speed+240-270% Enhanced Damage (varies)20% Chance of Crushing Blow (ber)25% Chance of Open Wounds (um)+3 To Werebear+3 To LycanthropyPrevent Monster Heal (mal)+25-40 To Strength (varies)+10 To Energy (lum)+2 To Mana After Each Kill (tir)Level 13 Summon Grizzly (5 Charges)
    Chains of Honor4 socketsbody armor
    dol + um + ber + ist
    +2 To All Skills+200% Damage To Demons+100% Damage To Undead8% Life Stolen Per Hit+70% Enhanced Defense+20 To StrengthReplenish Life +7 (dol)All Resistances +65 (um)Damage Reduced By 8% (ber)25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (ist)
    Eternity5 socketsmelee weapon
    amn + ber + ist + sol + sur
    Indestructible+260-310% Enhanced Damage (varies)+9 To Minimum Damage (sol)7% Life Stolen Per Hit (amn)20% Chance of Crushing Blow (ber)Hit Blinds Target (sur)Slows Target By 33%Replenish Mana 16%Cannot Be Frozen30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (ist)Level 8 Revive (88 Charges)
    Wrath4 socketsmissile weapon
    pul + lum + ber + mal
    30% Chance To Cast Level 1 Decrepify On Striking5% Chance To Cast Level 10 Life Tap On Striking+375% Damage To Demons (pul)+100 To Attack Rating Against Demons (pul)+250-300% Damage To Undead (varies)Adds 85-120 Magic DamageAdds 41-240 Lightning Damage20% Chance of Crushing Blow (ber)Prevent Monster Heal (mal)+10 To Energy (lum)Cannot Be Frozen
    Destruction5 socketspolearmsword
    vex + lo + ber + jah + ko
    23% Chance To Cast Level 12 Volcano On Striking5% Chance To Cast Level 23 Molten Boulder On Striking100% Chance To Cast level 45 Meteor When You Die15% Chance To Cast Level 22 Nova On Attack+350% Enhanced DamageIgnore Target's Defense (jah)Adds 100-180 Magic Damage7% Mana Stolen Per Hit (vex)20% Chance Of Crushing Blow (ber)20% Deadly Strike (lo)Prevent Monster Heal+10 To Dexterity (ko)
    Enigma3 socketsbody armor
    jah + ith + ber
    +2 To All Skills+45% Faster Run/Walk+1 To Teleport+750-775 Defense (varies)+(0.75*Clvl) To Strength (Based On Character Level)Increase Maximum Life 5% (jah)Damage Reduced By 8% (ber)+14 Life After Each Kill15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana (ith)(1*Clvl)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)
    Last Wish6 socketsaxehammersword
    jah + mal + jah + sur + jah + ber
    6% Chance To Cast Level 11 Fade When Struck10% Chance To Cast Level 18 Life Tap On Striking20% Chance To Cast Level 20 Charged Bolt On AttackLevel 17 Might Aura When Equipped+330-375% Enhanced Damage (varies)Ignore Target's Defense (jah)60-70% Chance of Crushing Blow (varies) (ber)Prevent Monster Heal (mal)Hit Blinds Target (sur)(0.5*Clvl)% Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based on Character Level)