thul rune

A Thul rune is a low tier rune that can be socketed into armor and weapons in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 2 Resurrected. A Thul rune provides Cold Resist +35% when inserted in shields or off-hands, Cold Resist +30% in body armor and headgear, and Adds 3-14 Cold Damage in weapons.

You can cube 3 Ort runes together to get a Thul rune. You can also obtain a Thul rune from nightmare countess. You can get a Thul rune from the normal hellforge quest.

A Thul rune requires level 23 to use. When you socket an item with a Thul rune, you increase the level requirement to level 23, unless it was already higher.

Clvl 23
weaponAdds 3-14 Cold Damagearmor/helmCold Resist +30%shieldCold Resist +35%
rune sources


nightmare and above



Treasure class:

act 4 good and above


3 ort

Horadric cube recipes with thul runes

thul runethul rune
chipped topazchipped topaz
amn runeamn rune
  • transmute normal body armor, a thul rune, a tal rune, and a perfect topaz to create a socketed body armor of the same type

  • transmute normal helm, a thul rune, a ral rune, and a perfect sapphire to create a socketed helm of the same type

  • transmute normal rare armor, a thul rune, a ral rune, and a perfect amethyst to create an exceptional rare armor of the same type

Crafting recipes with thul runes

Blood Armor

Magic JewelMagic Jewel
Perfect RubyPerfect Ruby
Hellforge PlateHellforge Plate

Caster Boots

Magic JewelMagic Jewel
Perfect AmethystPerfect Amethyst
Wyrmhide BootsWyrmhide Boots

Hitpower Amulet

Magic JewelMagic Jewel
Perfect SapphirePerfect Sapphire

Safety Amulet

Magic JewelMagic Jewel
Perfect EmeraldPerfect Emerald

There are 10 runewords that contain a thul rune

list of all runewords in Diablo 2 made with a thul rune
Allowed BasesRuneword Recipe
Pattern3 socketsclaw
tal + ort + thul
+30% Faster Bock Rate+40-80% Enhanced damage (varies)10% Bonus to Attack RatingAdds 17-62 Fire DamageAdds 1-50 Lightning Damage (ort)Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (thul)+75 Poison Damage over 5 seconds (tal)+6 to Strength+6 to DexterityAll Resistances +15
King's Grace3 socketsswordscepter
amn + ral + thul
+100% Enhanced Damage+150 to Attack Rating+100% Damage to Demons+100 to Attack Rating against Demons+50% Damage to Undead+100 to Attack Rating against UndeadAdds 5-30 Fire Damage (ral)Adds 3-14 Cold damage (thul)7% Life stolen per hit (amn)
Spirit4 socketsshieldsword
tal + thul + ort + amn
+2 To All Skills+25-35% Faster Cast Rate (varies)+55% Faster Hit Recovery+250 Defense Vs. Missile+22 To Vitality+89-112 To Mana (varies)+3-8 Magic Absorb (varies)ShieldsCold Resist +35% (thul)Lightning Resist +35% (ort)Poison Resist +35% (tal)Attacker Takes Damage of 14 (amn)SwordsAdds 1-50 Lightning Damage (ort)Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (thul)+75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds (tal)7% Life Stolen Per Hit (amn)
Peace3 socketsbody armor
shael + thul + amn
4% Chance To Cast Level 5 Slow Missiles When Struck2% Chance To Cast level 15 Valkyrie On Striking+2 To Amazon Skill Levels+20% Faster Hit Recovery (shael)+2 To Critical StrikeCold Resist +30% (thul)Attacker Takes Damage of 14 (amn)
Black3 socketsclubhammermace
thul + io + nef
+15% Increased Attack Speed+120% Enhanced Damage+200 to Attack RatingAdds 3-14 Cold Damage (thul)40% Chance of Crushing BlowKnockback (nef)+10 to Vitality (io)Magic Damage Reduced By 2Level 4 Corpse Explosion (12 Charges)
Obedience5 socketspolearmspear
hel + ko + thul + eth + fal
30% Chance To Cast Level 21 Enchant When You Kill An Enemy+40% Faster Hit Recovery+370% Enhanced Damage-25% Target Defense (eth)Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (thul)-25% To Enemy Fire Resistance40% Chance of Crushing Blow+200-300 Defense (varies)+10 To Strength (fal)+10 To Dexterity (ko)All Resistances +20-30 (varies)Requirements -20% (hel)
Treachery3 socketsbody armor
shael + thul + lem
5% Chance To Cast Level 15 Fade When Struck25% Chance To Cast level 15 Venom On Striking+2 To Assassin Skills+45% Increased Attack Speed+20% Faster Hit Recovery (shael)Cold Resist +30% (thul)50% Extra Gold From Monsters (lem)
Duress3 socketsbody armor
shael + um + thul
+40% faster hit Recovery (shael)+10-20% Enhanced Damage (varies)Adds 37-133 Cold Damage15% Chance of Crushing Blow33% Chance of Open Wounds+150-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)-20% Slower Stamina DrainCold Resist +45% (thul)Lightning Resist +15%Fire Resist +15%Poison Resist +15%
Heart of the Oak4 socketsstaffmace
ko + vex + pul + thul
+3 To All Skills+40% Faster Cast Rate+75% Damage To Demons (pul)+100 To Attack Rating Against Demons (pul)Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (thul)7% Mana Stolen Per Hit (vex)+10 To Dexterity (ko)Replenish Life +20Increase Maximum Mana 15%All Resistances +30-40 (varies)Level 4 Oak Sage (25 Charges)Level 14 Raven (60 Charges)
Mist5 socketsmissile weapon
cham + shael + gul + thul + ith
Level 8-12 Concentration Aura When Equipped (varies)+3 to All Skills+20% Increased Attack Speed (shael)+100% Piercing Attack+325-375% Enhanced Damage (varies)+9 to Maximum Damage (ith)20% Bonus to Attack Rating (gul)Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (thul)Freezes Target +3 (cham)+24 to VitalityAll Resistances +40