Diablo Clone Progress Tracker with Notification

Diablo Clone Progress Tracker with Notification

Diablo Clone Tracker for Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4. This DClone tracker tracks the current status or progress of the Diablo Clone for a specific server. Click the bell icon next to a server to get notified on this device when the Diablo Clone progress reaches stage 4 and 5. Get the latest Diablo Clone status by running the /uberdiablo command in the in-game chat.

Diablo Clone Tracker


When a server reaches stage 5, Terror is about to be unleashed upon Sanctuary, make sure to create a Hell game on that server. Making a game at stage 6 will not work, Diablo has already walked then. You have to be in a game when stage 6 is reached to be able spawn Diablo Clone.

This tracker does not track non-expansion servers as they cannot drop an Annihilus charm anyway.

Planned walks

Do you know of any planned walks? Let me know below when and add your source. A countdown will be added for confirmed planned walks. Note that these are estimated times and regions, the hosts can decide to start the walk earlier or later, or in a different region.

Diablo Clone Tracker Leaderboard

The leaderboard recognizes loyal reporter, and shows the most trusted users. To appear in the leaderboard, you must be in the top 10 of most validated reports, and never received a ban or warning. You must also have non-empty display name set in your profile. The leaderboard is updated every 15 minutes.


    Do you want to contribute? I'm looking for moderators to help keep the tracker clean. To be eligible, you'll need at least 10 validated reports and no recent bans or warnings. As a moderator you'll be able to ban users who make false reports and validate correct reports. Post a message below if you're interested!