nef rune

Diablo 2 Resurrected nef rune

A nef rune is a low tier rune that can be socketed into armor and weapons. You can cube 3 tir runes together to get a nef rune. You can also obtain a nef rune from normal countess. You can get a nef rune from the normal hellforge quest.

A nef rune requires level 13 to use.

Clvl 13
weaponKnockbackarmor/helm+30 Defense vs. Missileshield+30 Defense vs. Missile

Horadric cube recipes with nef runes

  • transmute 3 nef runes to create an eth rune

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There are 6 runewords that contain a nef rune

  • Clvl 35

    thul - io - nef

    The high amount of Crushing Blow, Enhanced Damage, and Increased Attack Speed, makes this weapon a viable choice for mel... more about Black

    Allowed equipment

    +15% Increased Attack Speed+120% Enhanced Damage+200 to Attack RatingAdds 3-14 Cold Damage (3 sec) (thul)40% Chance of Crushing BlowKnockback (nef)+10 to Vitality (io)Magic Damage Reduced By 2Level 4 Corpse Explosion (12 Charges)
  • Clvl 39

    shael - ko - nef

    Allowed equipment

    +3 To Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)+20% Increased Attack Speed (shael)+50% Enhanced Damage+300% Damage To Undead+3 To Slow Missiles (Amazon Only)+3 To Dodge (Amazon Only)+3 To Critical Strike (Amazon Only)Knockback (nef)+10 To Dexterity (ko)
  • Clvl 33

    hel - amn - nef

    Allowed equipment

    3% Chance To Cast Level 1 Howl When Struck10% Chance To Cast Level 1 Taunt On Striking+2 To Barbarian Skill Levels+30 Defense Vs. Missile (nef)Replenish Life +10Attacker Takes Damage of 14 (amn)Requirements -15% (hel)
  • Clvl 13

    nef - tir

    Allowed equipment

    +50% Enhanced Defense+10 Defense+30 Defense vs. Missile (nef)+5 to Strength+2 to Mana after each Kill (tir)-33% Extra Gold from Monsters-3 to Light RadiusLevel 13 Cloak of Shadows (9 charges)
  • Clvl 27

    nef - sol - ith

    Allowed equipment

    +75% Enhanced Defense+30 Defense vs. Missile (nef)+10 to Vitality+10 to Energy+33 to ManaDamage Reduced by 7 (sol)Magic Damage Reduced by 315% Damage Taken Goes to Mana (ith)+5 to Light Radius
  • Clvl 37

    nef - lum

    Allowed equipment

    +20% Faster Hit Recovery+75% Enhanced Defense+280 Defense vs. Missile (nef)+10 to Energy (lum)All Resistances +50-1 to Light RadiusLevel 6 Weaken (18 charges)
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