Melody runeword

Melody is a Diablo 2 Resurrected runeword created by combining shael + ko + nef into a 3 socket missile weapon. It requires at least level 39 to equip.

Even though Melody doesn't add much enhanced damage, it does give +3 to Bow and Crossbow Skills, which can be increased to +6 when made in an Amazon bow with auto mods. For the low rune requirements, it is a great budget option for starting Bowazons.

Another overlooked mod on this runeword is Knockback, as a ranged based character you actually want to knock enemies away from you, so you have to spend less time kiting.

Did you know? It takes on average 51 countess runs on Hell difficulty to get this runeword.


Pellet Bow'ShaelKoNef'required level: 39item type: Missile Weapon
  • +3 To Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
  • +20% Increased Attack Speed
  • +50% Enhanced Damage
  • +300% Damage To Undead
  • +3 To Slow Missiles (Amazon Only)
  • +3 To Dodge (Amazon Only)
  • +3 To Critical Strike (Amazon Only)
  • Knockback
  • +10 To Dexterity
  • socketed (3)

Eligible bases

Frequently asked questions

What runes make Melody?

You need Shael + Ko + Nef rune to create Melody.

Is Melody ladder only?

No, Melody is not ladder only in Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction and Diablo 2 Resurrected.