Caster Weapon

  • Caster Weapon
  • Polished Wand
  • quality level: 55
  • damage: 18 to 33
  • durablity: 22 of 22
  • required strength: 25
  • required level: 41
  • Regenerate Mana 4 to 10%
  • +10 to 20 to Mana
  • Increase Maximum Mana 1 to 5%

A Caster Weapon also rolls with 1 to 4 additional random attributes, the amount is based on the Ilvl of the crafted item. See the crafting detail page for more information on which attributes can roll.

A Caster Weapon can be made with all Staves And Rods

How to craft a Caster Weapon

any Staves And Rods
Tir Rune
Perfect Amethyst
horadric cube interface


With a character level of 99 and item level of 85, a Polished Wand will have a crafting level of Ilvl = 91.

amount of additional attributes on a crafted item
Ilvl 1-3040%20%20%20%
Ilvl 31-5060%20%20%
Ilvl 51-7080%20%
Ilvl 70+100%

The resulting affix level will be aLvl = 83. Based on this affix level, the following suffixes and prefixes can roll. Only 1 affix per affix group can be selected. The following prefix/suffix combinations are possible: (1/3), (2/2), (3,1).

Possible extra prefixes on Caster Weapon

A maximum of 3 additional prefixes can roll with this crafting recipe.

all prefixes
namepropertyaffix levellevel reqgroupchance
Glimmering+1 to Light Radius111120.75%
Glowing+2 to Light Radius641120.75%
ScreamingHit Causes Monster to Flee 25%1071132.27%
HowlingHit Causes Monster to Flee 50%16121132.27%
WailingHit Causes Monster to Flee 100%20131132.27%
Lizard's+1 to 2 to Mana111153.03%
Lizard's+3 to 5 to Mana321153.03%
Snake's+5 to 10 to Mana641153.03%
Serpent's+11 to 20 to Mana14101152.27%
Drake's+21 to 30 to Mana20151151.51%
Dragon's+31 to 40 to Mana24181151.51%
Wyrm's+41 to 60 to Mana30221151.51%
Great Wyrm's+61 to 90 to Mana37291151.51%
AzureCold Resist +5 to 10%531171.51%
SapphireCold Resist +31 to 40%25181172.27%
LapisCold Resist +11 to 20%35261171.51%
CobaltCold Resist +21 to 30%55411171.51%
CrimsonFire Resist +5 to 10%531183.03%
RubyFire Resist +31 to 40%25181182.27%
RussetFire Resist +11 to 20%35261180.75%
GarnetFire Resist +21 to 30%55411180.75%
TangerineLightning Resist +5 to 10%531193.03%
AmberLightning Resist +31 to 40%25181192.27%
OcherLightning Resist +11 to 20%35261190.75%
CoralLightning Resist +21 to 30%55411190.75%
BerylPoison Resist +5 to 10%531203.03%
EmeraldPoison Resist +31 to 40%25181202.27%
ViridianPoison Resist +11 to 20%35261200.75%
JadePoison Resist +21 to 30%55411200.75%
Triumphant+1 to Mana after each Kill321213.03%
Victorious+2 to 5 to Mana after each Kill17121213.03%
Mechanist'sSocketed (1 to 2)1071222.27%
Hexing+1 to Curses Skills20151250.75%
Fungal+1 to Poison and Bone Skills20151250.75%
Graverobber's+1 to Summoning Skills20151250.75%
Summoner's+1 to Necromancer Skill Levels30221253.03%
Blighting+2 to Curses Skills40301250.75%
Noxious+2 to Poison and Bone Skills40301250.75%
Vodoun+2 to Summoning Skills40301250.75%
Necromancer's+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels50421251.51%
Snowflake+6 to 9 to Minimum Cold Damage, +19 to 30 to Maximum Cold Damage25181372.27%
Shivering+10 to 15 to Minimum Cold Damage, +31 to 45 to Maximum Cold Damage35261371.51%
Boreal+16 to 23 to Minimum Cold Damage, +46 to 90 to Maximum Cold Damage50401370.75%
Hibernal+24 to 45 to Minimum Cold Damage, +91 to 140 to Maximum Cold Damage70601370.75%
Ember+16 to 25 to Minimum Fire Damage, +31 to 60 to Maximum Fire Damage25181382.27%
Smoldering+26 to 50 to Minimum Fire Damage, +61 to 90 to Maximum Fire Damage35261381.51%
Smoking+51 to 80 to Minimum Fire Damage, +91 to 130 to Maximum Fire Damage47371380.75%
Flaming+81 to 120 to Minimum Fire Damage, +131 to 180 to Maximum Fire Damage61511380.75%
Scorching+121 to 170 to Minimum Fire Damage, +181 to 240 to Maximum Fire Damage77671380.75%
Static+1 to Minimum Lightning Damage, +49 to 120 to Maximum Lightning Damage25181392.27%
Glowing+1 to Minimum Lightning Damage, +121 to 180 to Maximum Lightning Damage34251391.51%
Buzzing+1 to Minimum Lightning Damage, +181 to 260 to Maximum Lightning Damage46361390.75%
Arcing+1 to Minimum Lightning Damage, +261 to 360 to Maximum Lightning Damage60501390.75%
Shocking+1 to Minimum Lightning Damage, +361 to 480 to Maximum Lightning Damage76661390.75%
SepticAdds 31 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds111402.27%
EnvenomedAdds 41 Poison Damage Over 3 Seconds1071401.51%
CorosiveAdds 205 Poison Damage Over 4 Seconds20151400.75%
ToxicAdds 308 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds35261400.75%

Possible extra suffixes on Caster Weapon

A maximum of 3 additional suffixes can roll with this crafting recipe.

all suffixes
namepropertyaffix levellevel reqgroupchance
of PiercingIgnore Target's Defense251841.63%
of the Apprentice+10% Faster Cast Rate5394.91%
of the Magus+20% Faster Cast Rate292194.09%
of BlightAdds 8 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds11163.27%
of RegenerationReplenish Life +3 to 57052193.27%
of Energy+1 to 3 to Energy11233.27%
of Energy+1 to Energy11233.27%
of the Mind+4 to 6 to Energy73233.27%
of Brilliance+7 to 10 to Energy139232.45%
of Sorcery+11 to 15 to Energy2116232.45%
of Wizardry+16 to 20 to Energy3123232.45%
of the BearKnockback86242.45%
of Light+1 to Light Radius, +15 to Attack Rating64250.81%
of Radiance+3 to Light Radius, +30 to Attack Rating1511250.81%
of the Sun+5 to Light Radius, 5% Bonus to Attack Rating1712250.81%
of the Leech4 to 5% Life stolen per hit64275.73%
of the Locust6 to 7% Life stolen per hit2015275.73%
of the Lamprey8 to 9% Life stolen per hit5543275.73%
of the Bat4 to 5% Mana stolen per hit74285.73%
of the Wraith6 to 7% Mana stolen per hit2116285.73%
of the Vampire8 to 9% Mana stolen per hit5648285.73%
of Self-RepairRepairs 1 durability in 3 seconds31372.45%
of Fast RepairRepairs 1 durability in 5 seconds2012371.63%
of Damage Amplification5% Chance to cast level 1 Amplify Damage on striking3440.81%
of Firebolts5% Chance to cast level 3 Fire Bolt on attack64440.81%
of Icebolt5% Chance to cast level 3 Ice Bolt on attack64440.81%
of TeethLevel 10 Teeth (60/60 Charges)77440.81%
of Dim VisionLevel 8 Dim Vision (60/60 Charges)1212440.81%
of WeakenLevel 8 Weaken (60/60 Charges)1212440.81%
of SacrificeLevel 6 Sacrifice (20/20 Charges)1414440.81%
of Firebolts10% Chance to cast level 8 Fire Bolt on striking1612440.81%
of Nova10% Chance to cast level 3 Nova on striking1813440.81%
of Lightning5% Chance to cast level 3 Lightning on attack1813440.81%
of TerrorLevel 7 Terror (60/60 Charges)1818440.81%
of Firebolts10% Chance to cast level 4 Fire Bolt on attack2015440.81%
of ConfusionLevel 6 Confuse (60/60 Charges)2424440.81%
of Life TapLevel 6 Life Tap (60/60 Charges)2424440.81%
of Bone SpearsLevel 6 Bone Spear (60/60 Charges)2424440.81%
of Chain Lightning5% Chance to cast level 3 Chain Lightning on attack2518440.81%
of Nova12% Chance to cast level 4 Nova on striking2821440.81%
of AttractionLevel 5 Attract (60/60 Charges)3030440.81%
of Chain Lightning8% Chance to cast level 3 Chain Lightning on attack3526440.81%
of Fire BallsLevel 4 Fire Ball (20/20 Charges)3636440.81%
of Lower ResistanceLevel 3 Lower Resist (60/60 Charges)3636440.81%
of Poison NovasLevel 3 Poison Nova (60/60 Charges)3636440.81%
of Bone SpiritsLevel 3 Bone Spirit (60/60 Charges)3636440.81%
of ZealLevel 4 Zeal (20/20 Charges)3636440.81%
of StunningLevel 4 Stun (20/20 Charges)3636440.81%
of Chain Lightning8% Chance to cast level 5 Chain Lightning on attack4533440.81%
of EnchantmentLevel 1 Enchant (10/10 Charges)4848440.81%