Bone Knife
stats of a Bone Knife
damage23-49 (36)
level req43
max sockets1

A Bone Knife is the elite version of a Dagger.

A superior Bone Knife can spawn with 2 of the following bonuses, +5% to +15% Enhanced Damage, Increase Maximum Durability 10% to 15%, or +1 to +3 to Attack Rating.

Compared to other daggers

table of base stats
Bone Knife23 - 49 (36)38751-20
Mithril Point37 - 53 (45)559810
Fanged Knife15 - 57 (36)42863-20
Legend Spike31 - 47 (39)65672-10

How to upgrade a Bone Knife

Transmute low quality weapon, an Eld rune, and a chipped gem to create normal quality weapon of the same type.

low quality Bone Knife
eld rune
any chipped gem
horadric cube interface

How to add sockets to a Bone Knife

You can add sockets to a Bone Knife by giving the item to Larzuk as a quest reward. Larzuk will always add 1 sockets (if the iLevel is high enough), the maximum. You can also add sockets with the following horadric cube recipe. This recipes will not work for low or superior quality items.

Transmute normal weapon, a Ral rune, an Amn rune, and a Perfect Amethyst to create a socketed weapon of the same type.

normal Bone Knife
ral rune
amn rune
perfect amethyst
horadric cube interface

This recipes will add between 1 and 1 sockets to the item. The game will roll a 6 sided dice, if it rolls higher than 1, the maximum amount of sockets is chosen.

amount of sockets for a Bone Knife
11 socket (max)6 in 6 (100%)
21 socket (max)6 in 6 (100%)
31 socket (max)6 in 6 (100%)
41 socket (max)6 in 6 (100%)
51 socket (max)6 in 6 (100%)
61 socket (max)6 in 6 (100%)

The maximum amount of sockets an item can roll with depends on the iLevel of the item. The iLevel is equal to the monster level (mLevel) the item dropped from, the mLevel is equal to the area level (aLevel). Champions will have an mLevel of aLevel+2, Uniques and their minions aLevel+3, and Super Uniques will have a predefined mLevel.

possible sockets for a Bone Knife
iLvl 0-25iLvl 26-40iLvl 41 and up

Runewords you can make in a Bone Knife

base sockets

Currently, no runewords can be created with a Bone Knife