Boneweave Boots
  • Boneweave Boots
  • item level: 72
  • defense: 59 to 67
  • damage: 69 to 118
  • speed modifier: 0
  • durablity: 16 of 16
  • required strength: 118
  • required level: 54

Boneweave Boots is the elite version of Chain Boots.

A superior Boneweave Boots can spawn with +5% to +15% Enhanced Defense and/or Increase Maximum Durability 10% to 15%.

Unique and Set Boneweave Boots

How to upgrade Boneweave Boots

Transmute low quality armor, an El rune, and a chipped gem to create normal quality armor of the same type.

low quality Boneweave Boots
el rune
any chipped gem
horadric cube interface

Compared to other Boots

table of base stats
nameminacmaxacreqstrdurabilitylevellevelreqmindammaxdammax sockets
Wyrmhide Boots546250126045651000
Scarabshell Boots566591146649601100
Boneweave Boots5967118167254691180
Mirrored Boots5968163188160501450
Myrmidon Greaves6271208248565831490

Prefixes that can spawn on Boots

all prefixes
namepropertyaffix levellevel reqitem typesraritygroup
Sturdy+20 to 30% Enhanced Defense43any armormagic and rare101
Strong+31 to 40% Enhanced Defense96any armormagic and rare101
Glorious+41 to 50% Enhanced Defense1914any armormagic and rare101

Suffixes that can spawn on Boots

all suffixes
namepropertyaffix levellevel reqitem typesraritygroup
of WarmthHalf Freeze Duration107any shieldbootsglovesringamuletmagic and rare10
of Shock+1 to Minimum Lightning Damage, +8 to Maximum Lightning Damage5037bootsringamuletweaponmagic and rare12
of Dexterity+1 to 3 to Dexterity53sceptermissile weaponbootsglovesringamuletmagic and rare16