Safety Belt

  • Safety Belt
  • Spiderweb Sash
  • quality level: 61
  • defense: 55 to 62
  • durablity: 12 of 12
  • required strength: 50
  • required level: 46
  • Damage Reduced by 1 to 4
  • Magic Damage Reduced by 1 to 2
  • Poison Resist +5 to 10%
  • +10 to 30% Enhanced Defense

A Safety Belt also rolls with 1 to 4 additional random attributes, the amount is based on the Ilvl of the crafted item. See the crafting detail page for more information on which attributes can roll.

How to craft a Safety Belt

Tal Rune
Perfect Emerald
horadric cube interface


With a character level of 99 and item level of 85, a Spiderweb Sash will have a crafting level of Ilvl = 91.

amount of additional attributes on a crafted item
Ilvl 1-3040%20%20%20%
Ilvl 31-5060%20%20%
Ilvl 51-7080%20%
Ilvl 70+100%

The resulting affix level will be aLvl = 83. Based on this affix level, the following suffixes and prefixes can roll. Only 1 affix per affix group can be selected. The following prefix/suffix combinations are possible: (1/3), (2/2), (3,1).

Possible extra prefixes on Safety Belt

A maximum of 3 additional prefixes can roll with this crafting recipe.

all prefixes
namepropertyaffix levellevel reqgroupchance
Sturdy+10 to 20% Enhanced Defense111016.25%
Sturdy+21 to 30% Enhanced Defense431016.25%
Strong+31 to 40% Enhanced Defense961015.55%
Glorious+41 to 50% Enhanced Defense19141015.55%
Blessed+51 to 65% Enhanced Defense25181014.86%
Paleocene+0.5 Defense (Based on Character Level)30221012.08%
Saintly+66 to 80% Enhanced Defense31231014.86%
Holy+81 to 100% Enhanced Defense36271014.16%
Godly+101 to 200% Enhanced Defense50431010.69%
Rugged+5 to 10 Maximum Stamina111092.77%
Rugged+11 to 20 Maximum Stamina861092.77%
Vigorous+21 to 30 Maximum Stamina16121092.77%
Glimmering+1 to Light Radius111120.69%
Glowing+2 to Light Radius641120.69%
Lizard's+1 to 2 to Mana111152.77%
Lizard's+3 to 5 to Mana321152.77%
Snake's+5 to 10 to Mana641152.77%
Serpent's+11 to 20 to Mana14101152.08%
AzureCold Resist +5%111172.08%
AzureCold Resist +5 to 10%531171.38%
LapisCold Resist +11 to 20%1291172.77%
CobaltCold Resist +21 to 30%18131172.08%
CrimsonFire Resist +5%111182.08%
CrimsonFire Resist +5 to 10%531182.77%
RussetFire Resist +11 to 20%1291182.77%
GarnetFire Resist +21 to 30%18131182.08%
TangerineLightning Resist +5%111192.08%
TangerineLightning Resist +5 to 10%531192.77%
OcherLightning Resist +11 to 20%1291192.77%
CoralLightning Resist +21 to 30%18131192.08%
BerylPoison Resist +5%111202.08%
BerylPoison Resist +5 to 10%531202.77%
ViridianPoison Resist +11 to 20%1291202.77%
JadePoison Resist +21 to 30%18131202.08%

Possible extra suffixes on Safety Belt

A maximum of 3 additional suffixes can roll with this crafting recipe.

all suffixes
namepropertyaffix levellevel reqgroupchance
of ThornsAttacker Takes Damage of 11164.39%
of ThornsAttacker Takes Damage of 1 to 3141064.39%
of SpikesAttacker Takes Damage of 4 to 6211564.39%
of Frost+1 to Minimum Cold Damage, +3 to 6 to Maximum Cold Damage5541102.19%
of Balance+10% Faster Hit Recovery53184.39%
of Equilibrium+17% Faster Hit Recovery96184.39%
of Stability+24% Faster Hit Recovery1813184.39%
of RegenerationReplenish Life +3 to 5107194.39%
of RegrowthReplenish Life +6 to 95541194.39%
of Wealth41 to 80% Extra Gold from Monsters1712214.39%
of Light+1 to Light Radius, +15 to Attack Rating64251.09%
of the Jackal+1 to 5 to Life11263.29%
of the Fox+6 to 10 to Life75263.29%
of the Wolf+11 to 20 to Life1511263.29%
of the Tiger+21 to 30 to Life2015263.29%
of the Mammoth+31 to 40 to Life2518263.29%
of the Colosuss+41 to 60 to Life3022263.29%
of RemedyPoison Length Reduced by 25%75293.29%
of Strength+1 to 2 to Strength11314.39%
of Might+3 to 5 to Strength108313.29%
of the Ox+6 to 9 to Strength2619313.29%
of the Giant+10 to 15 to Strength4234313.29%
of the Titan+16 to 20 to Strength5850313.29%
of Atlus+21 to 30 to Strength7163313.29%
of Self-RepairRepairs 1 durability in 3 seconds31373.29%
of Fast RepairRepairs 1 durability in 5 seconds2012372.19%
of Charged Shield10% Chance to cast level 3 Charged Bolt when struck64441.09%
of Frost Shield5% Chance to cast level 3 Frost Nova when struck129441.09%
of Charged Shield12% Chance to cast level 4 Charged Bolt when struck1612441.09%
of Nova Shield10% Chance to cast level 3 Nova when struck1813441.09%
of Charged Shield14% Chance to cast level 5 Charged Bolt when struck2619441.09%
of Nova Shield12% Chance to cast level 4 Nova when struck2821441.09%
of Nova Shield14% Chance to cast level 5 Nova when struck3828441.09%