King's Grace runeword

A war scepter socketed with amn, ral and thul to create the King's Grace runeword

King's Grace is a Diablo 2 Resurrected runeword created by combining amn + ral + thul into a 3 socket sword or scepter. It requires at least level 25 to equip.

Clvl 25

amn - ral - thul

+100% Enhanced Damage+150 to Attack Rating+100% Damage to Demons+100 to Attack Rating against Demons+50% Damage to Undead+100 to Attack Rating against UndeadAdds 5-30 Fire Damage (ral)Adds 3-14 Cold damage (3 Sec) (thul)7% Life stolen per hit (amn)

Eligible bases

Includes normal, exceptional, and elite variants, providing they meet the socket requirment. Not included yet: Bows, Crosssbows, Two Handed Swords, Two Handed Axes, Spears, Claws. The recommended base is only for guidance, please always do your own research before making an expensive runeword.


Phase Blade
dmg: 31-35 (33)lvl: 54str: 25dex: 136max socket: 6
Conquest Sword
dmg: 37-53 (45)lvl: 57str: 142dex: 112max socket: 4
dmg: 5-77 (41)lvl: 60str: 99dex: 109max socket: 4
Mythical Sword
dmg: 40-50 (45)lvl: 64str: 147dex: 124max socket: 3 (Larzuk)


Seraph Rod
dmg: 45-54 (49.5)lvl: 57str: 108dex: 69max socket: 3 (Larzuk)
dmg: 37-43 (40)lvl: 61str: 97dex: 70max socket: 5

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