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Conviction and Lower Resist effectiveness will be 1/5 effective even after a Sundered Charm's applied effects. This change will go into effect on October 6 once Ladder Season Two begins.

What are Sundered Charms?

All six sundered charms
To promote increased class build diversity, Blizzard is introducing six new Unique Grand Charms that allow the player to break specific monster immunity types while the charm is in their inventory.
You’ll notice a new keyword below called Sunder

This keyword means that if a monster has immunity to a specific damage type, their resistance will be reduced to 95% regardless of what their starting resistance percentage was—breaking their immunity and allowing damage of that type to be dealt to them. Sunder is applied before other resistance reducing modifiers and only affects non-players.

Any abilities granted by a Sundering Charm will also extend to your pets and summons, so keep that in mind as you upgrade your character.

Starting from Ladder Season 2, these new unique charms will only drop from Terrorized monsters of Champion, Unique, Superunique, or Boss difficulty.. There is one tradeoff the comes with the new Unique Grand Charms—while they reduce a monster’s resistance, they also reduce your resistance to the same element, allowing you to receive more damage of that type. During the PTR, Sundering Charms will not drop from monsters and can only be tested through the PTR character templates mentioned later in the blog.

What is your opinion on the new charms?

Check out the updated PTR notes here.

Image and attributes of Black Cleft

Black Cleft

  • Monster Magic Immunity is Sundered
  • Magic Resist –45% to -65%
Image and attributes of Bone Break

Bone Break

  • Monster Physical Immunity is Sundered
  • Physical Damage Received Increased by 10% to 30%
Image and attributes of Cold Rupture

Cold Rupture

  • Monster Cold Immunity is Sundered
  • Cold Resist –70% to -90%
Image and attributes of Crack of the Heavens

Crack of the Heavens

  • Monster Lightning Immunity is Sundered
  • Lightning Resist –70% to -90%
Image and attributes of Flame Rift

Flame Rift

  • Monster Fire Immunity is Sundered
  • Fire Resist –70% to -90%
Image and attributes of Rotting Fissure

Rotting Fissure

  • Monster Poison Immunity is Sundered
  • Poison Resist –70% to -90%

Which charm are you excited for to use?

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