Exile runeword

Exile is a Diablo 2 Resurrected runeword created by combining vex + ohm + ist + dol into a 4 socket paladin shield. It requires at least level 57 to equip.

Since Exile has an auto-repair mod, the best base item is an Ethereal paladin shield with 45 to all resistances. Exile really is massive tank of a shield. Its Enhanced Defence, possiblity to make in an ethereal base, and Defiance aura, boosts up the defense of the wielder to a godly level.

Defiance level breakdown
Defiance level
defense +%170180190200210220230240

Exile has a 15% chance to cast a level 5 Life Tap on striking. When the curse is active, 50% of all physical damage is returned as life. The percentage of life leech does not scale with the level of the curse, only the radius and duration is increased.

Life Tap level breakdown
Life Tap level
duration (s)1618.420.823.225.62830.432.835.2

Exile increases your Block Rate by 30%.  An increased block rate will reduce the time it takes for the blocking animation to finish. For the paladin, this is not enough to reach the 3 frame breakpoint.

faster block rate breakpoints
faster block rate frames




Vortex Shield'VexOhmIstDol'required level: 57item type: Paladin Item
  • 15% Chance To Cast Level 5 Life Tap On Striking
  • Level 13-16 Defiance Aura When Equipped (varies)
  • +2 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)
  • +30% Faster Block Rate
  • Freezes Target
  • +220-260% Enhanced Defense (varies)
  • Replenish Life +7
  • +5% To Maximum Cold Resist
  • +5% To Maximum Fire Resist
  • 25% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
  • Repairs 1 Durability every 4 seconds
  • socketed (4)

Eligible bases

Frequently asked questions

What runes make Exile?

You need Vex + Ohm + Ist + Dol rune to create Exile.

Is Exile ladder only?

No, Exile is not ladder only in Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction and Diablo 2 Resurrected.

What is the best base for Exile?

The recommended base to make Exile is a Vortex Shield.