Patch 2.4 is now Live!


Patch 2.4 is now Live

After nearly a decade, Diablo 2 receives its first new gameplay changes which promotes new strategies to play by introducing New Runewords, Class balance changes, Mercenary reworks, and much more! You can find the complete patch notes here.

warning: currently there is a bug with creating runewords in the new bases, be careful until this is completely resolved.

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Upcoming Ladder Season

While the new runewords have been released. The Ladder launch represents an optional ranked competitive system of the game through a series of modes available to select from with a fresh Ladder-specific character. The Ladder competition is still planned to start the 28th op April

Ladder Launch Timing

North AmericaApril 28 at 5PM PDT
EuropeApril 29 at 2AM CEST
AsiaApril 29 at 9AM KST

Ladder Details

  • Select Diablo II: Resurrected content will be exclusively for Ladder modes
  • Players can use /ladder and /helpladder chat commands to retrieve season start and end information
  • Ladder information is made available in the leaderboard UI, and for console, players will be updated upon loading into each game
  • At the end of a season, your Ladder character will be converted to a non- Ladder character, along with any Ladder -exclusive items your character has equipped or in their inventory
  • Once a season ends, you will have until the start of the season after next to retrieve items from your seasonal Ladder shared stash tab to bring into your normal online play. For example, once Season 1 ends, you have until Season 3 begins to retrieve items from your Season 1 stash. Any items not retrieved will be lost forever

The Infernal Race

In celebration of the first Ladder season for Diablo II: Resurrected, we will be hosting a special broadcast and competition between fan favorite content creators from North America, Australia, and Korea as they work together and against each other to race to the top of the ladder leaderboards! The Infernal Race will be broadcasted on the official Diablo and the Diablo Korea Twitch channels beginning at the start of the Ladder season at 5PM PDT April 28 / 9AM KST April 29 so make sure to tune and watch the best of the best compete!

English Competitors
English Casters
Korean CompetitorsTBD
Korean Casters
  • Sanghyeon Park
  • Seungwon Lee
  • Useo Jung
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